my vision

The New Year always makes me feel a little like my life is a blank canvas. There is so much possibility! This is how 2023 has felt to me as I've been thinking about where I want to go with Jane Pugsley Photography. I've thought a lot about what to implement this year, but every time I close my eyes I just want to cover my canvas in light blue! The color light blue symbolizes peace, calm, trust, youth, loyalty, connection. Don't you just love that? Each of these words mean something unique on their own, but together they create a feeling of peaceful, magical, simplicity. This year I want to color my canvas with magical photographs that convey genuine connection, youthful happiness, loyal relationships, & peaceful beauty.

Say hello to Jane Pugsley Photography 2023!

Here are a few exciting announcements & changes coming this year:

My goal is always to capture your family in a way that can last forever. I am constantly striving to better myself so that I can offer higher quality products & create truly timeless images. It is so important to me that my clients feel that they can trust me & count on me to create MAGIC in each session! Some ways that I am going to guarantee magic this year are:

a. I will be taking on a limited number of sessions each month so that I can devote the time and attention to each session that is required to create something truly magical! I will now be hosting sessions in two locations in my home! Surprise! My kitchen is now open for business as a space where I can host studio style in-home sessions in a comfy, clean environment. I will also be hosting sessions in my garage with a gorgeous brand-new baby blue backdrop!

b. This year will be full of "petite sessions!" Each month I will host 15 minute sessions that are specific to style, client, and artistic vision. Check out the next page for the upcoming petite sessions to put on your calendar! This year I will be introducing print services!

I have felt the importance of tangible images this year as we bought our first home and have been staring at blank walls for the last few months. I have been working to partner with an incredible print company to bring you high quality images. I am still testing samples and communicating with different manufacturers, so this is still to come, but I am so excited to begin offering these services! From now on, each session will come with a package of prints that you can customize according to your needs. Your love is meant to be seen!