A New Beginning

I have been thinking about this for months. Months! I first thought of starting a blog when I listened to a podcast about a mom that took her kids off social media & put them into blog posts. Rather than post a bunch of photos with tiny captions, she started creating monthly news letters about her family's ups and downs. She documented growth, special moments, challenges, & lessons learned. Her blog became a journal & treasure trove of memories.

I want that.

I want to remember all our moments in words.

As an artist I am naturally drawn to images. I love them. I create them. I treasure them. But, I was reminded 0f how important words are when I found all five of my mission journals in my art box the other day. As I flipped through the pages of my mission experience, I realized I don't want to let words go. I want photos and words to work together to tell our family's story.

So here I am. Blog post #1.